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Free Downloadable PC Christmas Games for Kids

Santa Ride 2 – Free Full Game

Santa Ride 2 - Christmas games for kids

Santa Ride 2 is a game the whole family to play, it is a true Christmas game that is truly fun to play. The story is that Santa requires your help a second time round on Christmas Eve, you need to collect gifts that are lying around on the floor, you just drive over them with your slay skidding around in the snow, then you have to go to the houses and then deliver the found gifts, once your slay is empty you then have to collect some more gifts.

Santa Ride Slay

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Santa Claus in Trouble – Free Full Game

 Santa in Trouble PC game

Santa Claus in Trouble is another game with a great seasonal feel to it with colourful graphics. Its 3D platform game in which you again play as Santa himself.

Santa in trouble

You must collect all the gifts that are lay around by moving towards them and they get instantly collected, it’s not always that easy as there will be snowmen, and other obstacles which sometimes move around in your way, and if you step wrong you will fall a long way down.

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Believe in Santa Game Demo 

Believe in Santa game demo 

This game demo is Sandy who has to help save her grandmas toy-shop, the aim of the game is to decorate toys for grannies shop customers. Santa sometimes will surprise you with some upgrades to grow the business.

The pursuit of the perfect present has never been so much fun!


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